What is included?

(Includes Entry for Special Events Days: See “News” Page)

0 – 1 years = 0

2 – 4 years = £5

5 – 17 years = £7

Adults = £3

Seniors = £2

Registered Carers Free

All visible from The Greedy Moose Café (press for link to cafe)





The Glade

A giant, challenging timber playground for adults and children to go wild!

Test your strength and speed or just play with the Mud Kitchen all day long!

Indoor Inflatables

A giant inflatable obstacle course inside our Geodome.

Built for adults, available to children 6 years and over.



Soft Play: 6 yrs and under.

An immersive, imaginative area for Tots and their Big People inside our Geodome.

Swing, jump, roll and play!



Don’t forget when you Let Loose!

Parking at Let Loose! is FREE!
Wear sensible clothes for your adventure!
Sturdy footwear for High & Low Ropes, Climbing & Tower activities.