High Ropes Adventure – Push Your Limits

By 24th March 2022News

Looking for a fun adventure with your family that includes an experience you can never get over? Then consider high ropes adventure as your rescuer! It is a thrilling activity that not only sets your mind and body free but also teaches you essential life skills like being a team player, having self-confidence, helping others, getting over your restrictions, and much more. If you are in for some good ol’ time, put high ropes adventure on your to-do list for the next family getaway.

What is High Ropes Adventure?

High ropes adventure is an obstacle course with ropes, wooden planks, tangled nets, and much more. There can be multiple levels at different heights, with differing challenges. The best part about high ropes adventures is that it tackles your entire body and boosts your overall health while improving your coordination and leadership skills. Your whole family can enjoy a high rope adventure from ages ten and above, so there is no reason for you not to use this entertaining means to give your body some physical work. Face your fears and build courage while having fun.

What Activities are Included in High Ropes Adventure?

At Let Loose! Adventure Park, the high ropes adventure, lasts for two and a half hours. You will find a high rope adventure course with eighteen obstacles at a twelve-meter height. Some obstacles in the course are easy, like walking on a wooden plank, while some will challenge your core like tangles nets, and some will test your physical fitness to give you the best high rope adventure experience.

If you are with a group and competing with each other, you don’t have to wait. The high rope adventure fun does not end just here. You can then breathe, or better yet, free fall in the air the Big Leap and Super Slide that will bring out your inner child and leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Some Things to Remember When Participating in High Ropes Adventure-

High Ropes Adventure is optimal for everyone. However, it is crucial to understand that it is an adventure sport requiring you to be at your best conduct for everyone’s safety and yours. Every adventure park has its own rules and instructions for each activity. Here are

some you should know when going on the High Ropes Adventure at the Let Loose! Adventure Park-

  • The minimum height requirement is 1.4 meters.
  • The minimum age requirement is ten plus years.
  • The maximum weight can be eighteen stones.
  • Some fitness level is required.
  • Close-toed shoes like trainers are a must.
  • You should not wear any loose-fitting clothes and jewelry.

About Let Loose! Adventure Park-

Who said going to adventure parks has an age limit? Go back to your childhood days or take your kids for a fun getaway by visiting Let Loose! Adventure Park today. We organize events with fun-filled activities like high ropes, low ropes, roller skating, go-carts, the leap of faith, drop slide, and much more thrills. Fill out our contact form to book your adventures or to get in touch with us.

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