High Ropes Introduction

Our High Ropes Adventure is a challenge for our older participants and for all the family to face their fears and build their courage, (10 years plus). Made up of 18 obstacles to conquer at a 12-meter height, you will be challenging your inner-self physically and mentally whilst having the most fun. Each obstacle is different and can be as ‘easy’ as walking across wooden planks to shimmying and maneuvering your way through tangled nets. Be prepared to move your body in all sorts of angles as you conquer this High Ropes Course.

What Next?

Once you have conquered the High Ropes you will be feeling refreshed and full of adrenaline, maybe even unstoppable! But your adventure continues with the Big Leap of Faith & Super Slide where you will leap and free-fall for a moment onto an airbag and slide down our drop slide and free-fall momentarily onto another airbag for 1 hour! Both Big Leap & Super Slide are bound to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

In total, your adventure will be 2 – 2.5 hours with your adventure starting at the times allocated when you purchase a ticket.

Our High Ropes Adventure is the perfect day out for older kids, couples, friends, hen/ stag do’s or even work events. Check out our parties page to book your group slot today.


High Ropes adventure near me.

It may sound too good to be true, but Let Loose! is on the doorstep for residents in Beverley and Hull! Check out our contact us page to find directions on how to get to us. Accessible by car and public transport, Let Loose is situated on Hull Rd, Woodmansey, Beverley HU17 0RS.

What’s so great about High Ropes?

There are many great benefits to completing our high ropes course, and with so many activities to choose from you may be wondering, why should I do the High Ropes?

1- It’s mega fun!

The High Ropes course is built from a range of different obstacles, some easy, some harder. There is never a dull moment when you are swinging around this high up!

2- It is great fitness.

You may be surprised to find your arm muscles may ache a little the next day. Do not be fooled, some may make it look easy but you are constantly moving, bending and climbing throughout the course. Who knew exercising could be so much fun…

3- Challenge yourself.

You are 100% safe and strapped in with your harness, helmet and other safety equipment however, some obstacles require you to reach high and manoeuvre yourself. We suggest this course for adults and older children. Not only that, but the height is one of the most exciting elements of the course. It might make you a little wobbly in the knees but that is just another part of the adventure to conquer.

4-It is a great bonding experience.

You could ask a large group which obstacle they found the easiest or hardest and you’d get as many different answers. The High Ropes course is a great way to interact and socialise with family, friends or even work colleagues. Help each other overcome each obstacle by sharing tips and tricks. Laugh at each other, have fun together, and by the end, you will all feel such adrenaline and elation. An experience you can keep forever.

5-It is a different kind of day out!

Avoid the crowds at shopping centers, cinemas or other commercial hot spots and get out in the fresh air. High Ropes Adventure is a great alternative activity for adults and older kids. Challenge yourself, conquer your fears, bond with loved ones and then enjoy a nice hot chocolate or coffee in our on-site café after, as a reward!


The big leap of faith & super slide is one hour of craziness included in your high ropes adventure!

This part of your Adventure usually takes place after your High Ropes Adventure, however, you can begin your Adventure with these activities if you arrive one hour early than the time stated on your ticket. 

This course requires a level of fitness to participate.

  • 10 plus years
  • Height restriction: minimum 1.4 meters
  • Weight restriction 18 stones
  • If you have asthma please bring your inhaler
  • Trainers or climbing, closed-toe shoes must be worn
  • No loose-fitting clothes or jewellery
  • All participants /parents of participants MUST read and accept the Waiver online during the booking process
  • Limited tickets – bookable online.

Your High Ropes Adventure Overview:

  • Continuous Belay System, (which means no un-clipping involved on the High Ropes Course)
  • Duration is 2- 2.5 hours in total which includes the High Ropes Course and Leap of Faith & Super Slide, and Adventure Playground.
  • Minimum height requirement: 1.4m (4ft 7inch)
  • Minimum age requirement: 10+
  • Maximum weight: 18 stone
  • This adventure requires a level of fitness to participate.

Additional Information:

What should you wear?

  • All participants will receive a safety brief from one of our trained & qualified instructors.
  • All participants or parents/guardians of participants MUST read and accept the waiver form online during the booking process.
  • Please wear closed-toe shoes such as trainers. No open-toed shoes.
  • No loose-fitting clothing or jewellery.
  • You may want to bring some gloves, but they are not required to participate in the activities.
  • Free parking is available onsite with an overflow car park available if necessary.
  • Your High Ropes adventure will begin with meeting your friendly instructor who will harness you up and provide you with PPE along with a thorough safety brief for the High Ropes Course.
  • You will have approximately 1.5 hours on the High Ropes Course
  • Once the High Ropes is completed you will be greeted by another friendly instructor who will advise you to go to the part of the adventure which is the Big Leap & Super Slide.
  • Once at the Big Leap & Super Slide you will be greeted by one of our friendly instructors who will provide a safety briefing for each activity. You will have 1 hour on the Big Leap & Super Slide .
  • Come early and stay all day with your ticket.


Let Loose! reserves the right to refuse admittance to the Activities or to remove a participant from the Activities should it deem it necessary to do so. This includes a participant who does not comply with the safety rules and advice, the safety system, safe use of the equipment or who is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

I came here before Christmas as a workday out, the first time I was actually meeting my boss, not on zoom! What an ice breaker. We spent the morning going around the high ropes course being battered by the wind, which made it even more ‘adventure-thrilling’. It was such a fun way to be introduced, no boring talks over coffee, more “How did you get over this one?” “Where do I put my foot?”. The zip line was my favourite, I wished it were even longer! We tried out the Super Slide and Big Leap too (multiple times) it was such a laugh and perfectly topped off with a visit to the cafe. I thoroughly enjoyed it and came away feeling great! I think it was the fist time I used certain muscles too! It was a great ‘meeting’ and I’d happily visit again

Alex, Pocklingtonr

Me and my boyfriend came here mid-week one afternoon. We LOVED the high ropes course and it really helped us learn new ways of communicating. We raced each other on the zip line (he won) and had such a laugh together. Who knew High Ropes were romantic?! We’d searched adventure parks near me, hoping to find a theme park of sorts and this was so much better! I would highly recommend Let Loose! to all my friends, and now we have a new date idea!

Sarah, York

I came here with my two siblings, one of which is very active and sporty, the other not so much… I would say I fall in the middle. The High Ropes Adventure was perfect for all three of us! We had so much fun challenging (and helping) each other going round and loved the Big Leap afterwards. I think we found a new competitive side to each of us. We had such a tasty lunch in the cafe afterwards, great alternatives for 3 veggies!

Thanks again Let Loose! Can’t wait to come back

Graham, London


Parking is FREE onsite for all. Please wear socks!
Wear sensible clothes for your Adventure.
Sturdy footwear for Ropes and Tower activities is required. Age and Height Restrictions apply.