In the center of the Park here at Let Loose! we have a gigantic wooden tower that hosts a handful of our activities. The Zip Line, High Ropes course, Big Leap & Super Slide all happen here.

The Leap of Faith and Super Slide are perfect activities for the whole family! There is something for everyone! Test your courage and leave with an exquisite adrenaline rush.

You will enter The Tower via the access door and climb up the winding staircase in the center to reach the top floor. Here you’ll find our ‘Super Slide’. This slide is a tunnel drop slide. Sit with your legs facing forwards and move yourself to the edge. Once you have received a safety brief from one of our friendly and qualified instructors, you will slide down and free-fall momentarily to which you’ll land onto an airbag. Please leave the airbag as quickly and safely as possible to avoid collisions with other users. Once you have conquered the Super Slide, head back inside the tower and make your way back up the spiral stairs to the lower level. Here you’ll find the Leap of Faith/ Big Leap. After receiving another safety brief from one of our friendly and qualified instructors you will test your courage and leap from a platform and free-fall 20 feet/ 5 meters onto a large airbag. We recommend you always jump feet first and face out towards the Let Loose grounds to avoid any possible injuries. This will be explained by the Let Loose instructors. Both the Super Slide and Leap of Faith are designed to test your courage and push you to conquer something new. You will get such a rush of adrenaline from both that will keep you wanting to go again and again.


Information about the Leap of Faith & Drop Slide:

  • All participants will receive a safety demonstration for both the Leap of Faith & Super Slide from one of our trained & qualified instructors.
  • All participants or parents/guardians of participants MUST read and accept the waiver form online during the booking process.
  • Please wear long-sleeved tops/jumpers NO CROP TOPs and full-length bottoms when using the super slide.
  • Free parking is available on site with an overflow car park available if necessary.

Leap of Faith/ Big Leap & Super Slide Overview:

  • Minimum age requirement: 5+
  • No height requirement.
  • This adventure requires a level of fitness to participate.


Let Loose! reserves the right to refuse admittance to the Activities or to remove a participant from the Activities should it deem it necessary to do so. This includes a participant who does not comply with the safety rules and advice, the safety system, safe use of the equipment or who is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Leap of Faith was so much fun! We had just finished the High Ropes course and the Zip Line and the instructor told us the leap of Faith and the Super Slide were also included in our ticket. I couldn’t believe how much was included in the price! Both of them made me a little nervous before but I couldn’t stop smiling afterwards! The Super Slide was much quicker than I imagined but it was so much fun! The Leap of Faith was great! I loved the freedom of just jumping and knowing I’d land on a big, cushy airbag. We did the Leap of Faith multiple times. It leaves you with so much adrenaline and feels a lot higher than it looks, but left us smiling all day! Thanks so much Let Loose for such a fun day out. I can’t wait to come back.

Theresa, Wigginton

My favourite activity at Let Loose is for sure the Leap of Faith. It’s designed so well, having the central tower with the different activity platforms. The instructors are all super friendly too! I came to Let Loose with a group of my friends in half term and we had so much fun having a competition seeing who could jump the furthest. The air sack caught us every time and it was so comfy. We can’t wait for Easter so we can come back again 🙂

Paul, Wilberfoss

I brought my kids here last weekend and watching them on the Leap of Faith was so entertaining. They had the biggest smiles on their faces! My youngest is a little afraid of heights and I wasn’t sure if he’d enjoy the Leap of Faith… but I couldn’t pull him away from it! Something about landing on a big airbag calmed all his nerves and I think, helped him a lot with his nerves. The Leap of Faith looked like so much fun and everyone I watched jump, left with a huge smile. The instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly. We had such a fun day out as a family (the cafe is a bonus too). The Super Slide also looked like a lot of fun. It has quite a large drop, but again, landing on a large padded area calms all nerves! I haven’t laughed out loud like that in such a long time! Thanks Let Loose, we’ll be back for sure!

Rosie, Stamford Bridge


Parking is FREE onsite for all. Please wear socks!
Wear sensible clothes for your Adventure.
Sturdy footwear for Ropes and Tower activities is required. Age and Height Restrictions apply.