Special Bundles

These tickets are a great way to experience more at Let Loose! at discounted prices! Park Entry is FREE with these Multi Tickets! Please make sure that you do not overlap your sessions! If one of your selected sessions is fully booked you will not be able to book this option at all – so book EARLY!!!

Non-participating adults pay Park Entry.

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Park Entry:

Pre-book online or just come along!

0 – 1 years = 0

2 – 4 years = £5

5 – 17 years = £9

Adults = £5

Seniors = £3

Registered Carers Free

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What is Included?


Cubs Play Zone

Giant Adventure Park

Mini Moose Club (Pre-School Age)

Giant Inflatables (6+)


Upgrade to a Guided Activity whilst you are here.

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Guided Activities

Discounted online!

Big Leap & Super Slide

£ 10

Park Entry is FREE with this TicketMore info

Climbing Wall

£ 10

Park Entry is FREE with this TicketMore info

Zip Wires x 2

£ 12 - 15

Park Entry is FREE with this TicketMore info

Low Ropes Course

£ 13 - 15

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High Ropes Course

£ 20 - 22

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£ 13 - 15

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Parents & Carers:

Non – participating parents or carers pay Park Entry.

Age, Height and Weight Restrictions apply to All Guided Off-Ground Activities. 


If you are participating on the High & Low Ropes Courses, The Climbing Walls, Zip Wires, Archery and The Big Leap & Super Slide Activities you will need make sure you are the right age, weight and height before you book and you will need to sign Acceptance of Risk Form  at Reception for yourself or the participating youngster in your care.