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Get your freak on!

Let Loose! are proud to announce the launch of our Roller Arena.

Roller Skating Weekly Sessions

Please bring wrist guards – we have some free with boot hire.

Public Roller Sessions available weekly on Saturday and Sunday:  1:30 pm – 3 pm: £6 per person 

Everyone Roller Disco weekly on Friday Nights: 6 pm – 8 pm: £7 per person. Add £2 to hire boots. 

Roller Arena Hire for your Group, Event or School

Minimum 40 people: Wednesday & Thursday Nights: 6 pm – 8 pm: £6 per person includes boot hire. 

Adult to child ratio: 1:8 for 12 years and under. 

For different days or more information please email us at:

Roller Skating Terms & Conditions

Roller Skate  & Protective Equipment Hire

Let Loose! skates are sized from Junior 8 UK to  Adult 11 UK.

Your shoes are used as a deposit for hiring skates. If you do not return skates or protective equipment that they come with, your shoes will be held until such time until Let Loose! have received full reimbursement for *missing skates or/and protective equipment. Legal action will be taken against anyone suspected of theft.

*Missing skates will be charged at £75.00, Wrist guards £10.00, knee/elbow pads £15.00 per set

Let Loose! highly recommends the use of personal protective equipment during skating activity. Wearing protective equipment will greatly reduce the chance of injury due to a fall/collision.

Please bring your own skates or blades or if hiring our skates you can use use the pads/guards provided. It is the parent/carers responsibility to ensure your child is wearing the appropriate amount of safety equipment, Let Loose! cannot be held responsible for this although we shall always encourage wearing full personal equipment. Wrist guards are recommended as a bare minimum. Elbow and knee pads as well as helmets are also advised. 

Let Loose! does not provide helmets and they are not compulsory. If you wish to wear a helmet please bring your own. 

Child Participants

Please note that all children between the age of 5 and 12 years old must be signed in by an adult, sorry – any children under 5 years of age cannot enter the roller arena. Parents are welcome to stay and watch if not participating. If going to get refreshments/leave the building please ensure you are back in plenty of time to help your child remove their equipment if needed. Let Loose! cannot assist all children due to time scales, clear down etc.

Accidents & Incidents

Whilst all precautions are taken, including Skate Marshals being in the Arena – Let Loose! accepts no responsibility for accident/injuries caused.

People skating at the venue do so at their own risk and Let Loose! can not be held responsible for any accidents caused by in house structures, objects or by actions of other skaters. Let Loose! are not responsible for any loss, injury or damage howsoever, caused to yourself, or third party, your property or clothing.

If you are using equipment/protective gear that you have brought with you, you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of said items. Let Loose! cannot be held responsible for any accidents/injuries caused by these items, to yourself or a third party.

Let Loose! reserve the right to refuse entry to any person/s as well as the right to remove them from the venue for any reason including behavior, injury, nuisance or annoyance or failure to comply with the reasonable requests of Let Loose! or their representatives during your time at the Arena.

Anyone deemed to be a danger to themselves or others as a result of excessive alcohol consumption or illegal substance will be refused access to the venue, refunds will not be given and if necessary the police may be called.


All Participants will be expected to sign a Waiver at the time of entry to the Park to participate in Roller Skating. All dependents 12 years and under must have a parent or carer to sign on their behalf. Please inform Let Loose! of any medical conditions/allergies or other medical/physical problems that the participant has that may interfere with the activity.

Medical Conditions

We highly recommend that you do not take part in skating activity if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, brittle bones or joint injury or any other conditions that may be aggravated by this activity.

If you are, or suspect you are pregnant you should not take part in this activity.

Changing rooms/Personal belongings

All personal belongings are left at the owners own risk. There are lockers provided in reception – however we recommend that you leave your belongings in your car. Let Loose! cannot be held responsible for any valuables, clothing and any other items left unattended by the owner.

Please ensure your children are appropriately dressed for safety reasons and that all personal belongings are kept with you, in a locker or that the child will take responsibility. Let Loose! can not be held responsible for any losses.

If you do suspect a theft please inform Let Loose! and we will do our very best to assist you with this.

Sessions & Timings

Let Loose! reserves the right to amend any dates and times of sessions. We will endeavor to give as much notice as possible but this may sometimes be out of our control.

If any session is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or something out of our control payment for that session will not be reimbursed but a replacement session will be issued.