Safety standards at Let Loose!

Consideration for our Visitors’ safety runs through everything we do. Let Loose! is regularly inspected as part of our internal Health & Safety Audit Programme and we are always on the look-out for opportunities to improve what we do. We also work closely with outside experts in the fields of activity provision, facility maintenance and Health & Safety Management to ensure we remain at the forefront of accepted good practice.

The benefits to young people of being exposed to managed risk are well known. A visit to Let Loose! will give everyone an opportunity to learn first-hand the thrill of the outdoors, with the comfort of knowing they are supported by our excellent Safety Standards.

You are Safe in our Hands

We have an Onsite Operations Manager and Duty Manager available to deal with any issues that may arise during your visit and to help solve problems. There is also a Duty First Aider available at all times, with First Aid area at their disposal.

Let Loose! has a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment and we operate to our Fire Safety Policy.

The security of our guests on at Let Loose! is extremely important to us. We have well defined boundaries, often with security fencing, and we have security gates and CCTV at the main entrance and all-round the Park All, teachers and visitors are issued with wrist bands or hand stamps when they arrive at Let Loose! For any further information on our Health & Safety Standards or Risk Assessments, please contact us on: 01482843475 or Email: [email protected]




Please read these Safety Rules before you begin your Safety Brief.

Before starting:

  • All participants must be 7 years upwards  (5 if the correct height & if accompanied by an adult or Instructor at a Party)
  • You must be more than – 1 metre / 3ft 3 in height
  • You must weigh less than – 130 kg/ 20.5 stones
  • Tie up long hair, remove long necklaces, hoop earrings
  • You must wear closed toe shoes, boots or trainers
  • Mobile devices and cameras to be put in the lockers provided
  • Remove chewing gum

Your Kit

Your Instructor will fit your harness and you will be given a chance to get used to it before you Let Loose!


You will be personally responsible for ensuring the minors that you have signed for follow the Safety Rules and Instructors directions.