Reward your Team!

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…is for you to achieve yours!

From the young to the young-at-heart,

from Birthday and Office Parties to Youth Group Functions and Corporate Team Building:

we are here to help you to have fun and grow by challenging yourselves!

Our greatest reward is knowing that we have delivered to the highest possible standards whilst providing a fulfilling experience for everyone.


Create new workplace relationships.

Develop communication skills.

Promote considered risk taking.

Encourage team inclusion for all.

Enjoy a shared experience for the whole team.

Encourage the team to work together to meet any challenge.

And be great fun for all!!


..of Adventure Guides have the background and training to bring out the best in all of the participants.

The abilities of the full group will be noted, all are encouraging all to push themselves and achieve their full potential.

Adapted for all abilities we have ground based activities too that have real world impact and have an immediate effect on each groups success.

And we have a super Cafe

The Greedy Moose…!




Our Packages..

Tailored options available

Day or Evening

High & Low Ropes



Climbing walls

Crate stack

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Gold Option

Full Day

Team Games & Challanges


Big Leap and Super Slide


High & Low Ropes Course

Award Ceremony

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Silver Option

Half Day


Team Games & Challenges

Big Leap & Super Slide


High or Low Ropes

Award Ceremony

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All Participants will be expected to sign our Acceptance of Risk Form when they use our High & Low Ropes, Climbing Wall and Big Leap and Super Slide.

This Form is in the Lodge Reception and a copy is below.

Please read carefully!

The activities at Let Loose! come with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the measures, care and steps that Let Loose! have taken to avoid injuries. They include High/Low Ropes Course, Climbing Activities, jumping from height, slides and freestanding Adventure Playground.

The following describes some, but not all, of those risks:

  • Equipment may fail or malfunction, despite reasonable maintenance and use. Attendant risks include slips, falls, trips and impact injuries and may include, scrapes, bruises, cuts, broken bones, concussion, including environmental risks. These are only some examples of such risks.
  • Activities are conducted indoors and outdoors, and is physical by nature inherent risks of injuries such as sprains strains and pulled muscles.
  • Rock climbing on an artificial wall entails known and unanticipated risks including: climbing on or falling from Climbing Walls.

Let Loose! have put the following measures in place to reduce risk of any incident as far as is practicably possible;

  • Koala and Niko safety rail systems, ERCA inspection standards.
  • Personal safety equipment, including helmets and harnesses
  • Fully trained Staff competent in managing the High & Low Ropes Courses and trained in First Aid.
  • Safety Briefings for all Activities so that you have all the information you need to keep safe.
  • Play Safe Bark in the Adventure playground BS4790 – 5 certified
  • ROSPA Park Certification


I am aware that this Activity and Adventure Park includes risks of bodily injury or death. I understand the description above of these risks are not complete and that other unknown or unanticipated risks may result in accident, injury or death. I agree to assume responsibility for the inherent risks both identified herein and not specifically identified. I acknowledge that engaging in this activity may require a degree of skill and a level of fitness.


The staff at Let Loose! are not medically qualified and so are not in a position to assess the capacity of participants to undertake a course. It remains your responsibility to undertake such an assessment prior to use of the course. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, we advise you to visit the course prior to booking to undertake your own risk assessment. If you have a pre-existing back condition we do not recommend that you participate in the Big Leap or Super Slide.


We do not recommend that you take part in our Off Ground Activities if you are pregnant.

Terms & Conditions Apply

25% Deposit to secure your Booking

Please call: 01482-843475